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Boat Shrink Wrap Services- The Boat Guys Barrier Coat System

If you have a boat that has not been painted, or if you are having the existing bottom coating stripped from your boat, one of the best ways to protect the investment you've made in your boat is to have us properly apply a new antifouling system.  We use Sea Hawk Tuff Stuff epoxy barrier coat followed by one of the premium antifouling paints in the Sea Hawk arsenal. To properly apply barrier coat epoxy, a specific process in a specific timeframe needs to be followed in order to ensure that the proper chemical bond between coats is achieved.

We sand the bottom with 60 grit paper to scuff the surface, then wipe with de-waxer to remove residual dust and mold release wax.  We establish and tape off the waterline, then apply two coats of Tuff Stuff followed by a first coat of Sea Hawk antifouling paint. A second coat is suggested as a top coat, and we also suggest that the initial coat be of a different color to serve as an indicator for subsequent reapplication.  Pricing is by quote for this service so please e-mail us.

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